WordPress – Stop Changing WordPress Permalinks, Why?

Permalink is the URL structure of your website. One may use it to how its URLs can be shown. We have many options to customize our Permalink Structure. Your permalink can have one or many of the following:

  1. Year
  2. Month Number
  3. Day
  4. Hour
  5. Minute
  6. Second
  7. Post ID
  8. Post Name
  9. Category
  10. Author

Keep in mind that changing URL of a post lead to 404 error which affects SEO. When you change permalink of your website, you may loss your site ranking. So its good to have the same permalink structure all the time.

When should i change the permalink?

The simple answer is never. Carefully set the permalink once you started the site and then forget about it. You will soon get the results of having a good permalink.

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