These Custom Taxonomies can Smash your WordPress Site

WordPress is a flexible CMS. One can create an awesome website in a couple of minutes. Its ready to use themes and Plugins (both paid and free) made it easy to setup your first WordPress website. WordPress supports custom taxonomies its mean you can create them according to your requirements. For example you may require genre, artist, and year to use in your website for a better arrangement. But wait you cannot use year as a taxonomy because it is already reserved by WordPress. Therefore using it as a custom taxonomy may conflict with core WordPress functionality.

Reason behind WordPress Reserved terms

WordPress uses some default terms. Re-creating these terms can lead to major issues. I came to know about this issue when I was working on a movies website for one of my client. I added custom taxonomy named ‘year’ to arrange movies by year. Everything was working fine before this taxonomy but soon issues arise. Many of my pages started showing 404 or index page. I re-checked my theme many times re-create it but didn’t resolve the issue. After wasting some time I removed the taxonomies one by one I was using. When I removed the taxonomy year everything started working fine again like there was never ever an issue.

Now I search on Google use Year as taxonomy and found the reason behind the problem. Year as a taxonomy is reserved by WordPress to show yearly archive. I changed year to years (added s) and noting was disturbed this time. So I continue to use this practice on other sites and used years, release, released and release-year as taxonomy and never got the issue again. So here I am sharing a list of taxonomies you should never re-create to avoid conflict.

WordPress Reserved Terms

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