utorrent: How to disable ads in utorrent

utorrent is a free BitTorrent Client. It offers great features for nothing as it just displays ads which are annoying for some users. It is very lightweight application which do not disturb routine tasks. But if you have an older machine then you probably thinking of removing these ads to speedup a bit. If you want to remove these ads then buy pro version of utorrent, they deserve it. Or if you are cheater then i am gonna tell you a simple steps to get rid off these ads.

How to Remove ads in utorrent

Here is our step by step quick guide to do so:

1. Open the Advanced Settings

To do this, select Options > Preferences or simply press CTRL + P. Then select Advanced.

2. Filter the Advanced options

In the Filter box, type the following one by one and set their value to False.

offers.left_rail_offer_enabled or left_rail_offer
offers.sponsored_torrent_offer_enabled or sponsored_torrent_offer_enabled

Tip: Flags my change depending upon application. You can only type the text mentioned in Bold as they are easy to remember.

3. Save Settings

Click on the Apply then OK to save changes. Sometimes you will need to start the application effect the changes.

Enjoy the ad-free version of your favorite BitTorrent Client.

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